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Eli Yarkoni

Founder and President

Eli Yarkoni brings over forty years of technological expertise and entrepreneurship to REGO, as well as in-depth knowledge of the Israeli intelligence establishment.

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in 2001, he founded ‘Pro4tech Ltd’ – an Israeli high-tech company which develops, produces and markets technological solutions in the surveillance & law enforcement fields, throughout the world. Previous to this, he was CEO at two different companies that developed and patented technology to help defeat counterfeiting and shoplifting. Eli holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Tel Aviv University, attended Stanford University as part of an Executive Programme and graduated from the Israeli Air Force with the rank of major.

Izik Mini

Founder and CTO

As a several-times winner of the Israel Off-Road Championship, Izik’s wealth of experience in designing vehicles makes him a natural choice for CTO of REGO.

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In 1990, he founded and acted as CEO of ‘4x4 Projects’ - an R&D workshop that designs and produces advanced off-road solutions. Subsequently, he developed and implemented a mechanical solution for ‘Better-Place’, an electriccar grid operator and in 2009, he designed a hybrid light vehicle for ‘Elbit Systems’. Itzik has also trained with Isuzu Motors, both in Thailand and Japan. He puts his years of knowledge to good use by working as a consultant for clients such as the Israeli Ministry of Defense, General Motors, and UMI.

Tal Rousso M. General (Ret.)


Tal is a retired Major General with a distinguished career record in the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), that has spanned over 35 years.

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After serving as a commander in an Elite Special Operations Unit, he headed the Operation Directorate and was subsequently appointed Commander of Israel’s Southern Command. Currently a Reserve Commander, he has accumulated over 30 years of expertise, overseeing projects that have defined, tested and implemented new ‘all-terrain’ equipment for the IDF. This makes him ideally placed for his current position at REGO, developing 4x4 hybrid military vehicles. Tal received his B.A in Political Science from Haifa University and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

  • Rego
    Based on extensive research of Special Forces requirements, REGO’s
  • Shock absorber
    Any of today’s standard shock absorbers are optimized to handle the vehicle max load.
    When it comes to differential systems, wheel travel is what it’s all about.
    Rego’s mechanical mule - which includes the entire drive train

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